July 1, 2021
We’re talking about one of my favorite men’s style essentials: the simple, basic tee shirt. But it’s anything but simple and basic. You need to follow some rules to make sure it fits you properly and looks sexy! I love tees so much because if you’re wearing them right, you look effortlessly cool. You can find them in all price ranges — and if you find one that looks incredible on you, double down and rock it!

How to look effortlessly cool in your tees

  1. It needs to fit perfectly — not too tight or loose, expose triceps (not too long), body of shirt tailored (not tight), doesn’t cover your crotch (but also doesn’t expose your belt).
  2. You need black and white tees — these match and coordinate with everything.
  3. You need both black and white tee shirts — black all day every day if you want to look sexy; the white tee shirt makes you appear broader / bigger.
  4. Go with a v-neck to create an illusion of width — you will look broader.
  5. Bright colored tees are a great way to get compliments — step outside of your style box, but nothing too bright.
  6. Solids are better than patterns; graphics are always casual (and never wear anything offensive).
  7. Pocket tees are more casual — in comparison to classic & clean.
  8. Never fully tuck your tee into your jeans –the partial tuck is acceptable. Check out my demonstration.
  9. Dress down a suit with a tee shirt, which you can tuck it — make sure the condition of the tee, collar, and fabric are as I describe. Dress it down even more with white minimal leather sneakers.
  10. Tee shirts work amazing as a base layer — I love to pair my tees with jeans and a bomber jacket year-round.

Cuts Clothing

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