12 Things Masculine Men NEVER Do!

May 5, 2024
What side of the masculinity fence you fall under doesn’t matter. Masculinity has been under attack lately; I want to discuss this issue because, even though I don’t consider myself the poster child of masculinity, I do feel I understand what it’s not. That said, I want to review a few things that masculine men never (or always) do.

In my opinion, masculinity has very little to do with your physical appearance. So even if you can’t grow a big beard, you’re not tall, and you’re not twisted steel & sex appeal, it doesn’t mean you’re not masculine. Masculinity has more to do with your mindset and actions, including how you treat others.

How a REAL MAN conducts himself

  1. Never puts other people down. Masculinity is about leadership and being uplifting. Masculine men do not make fun of other people, tear them down, or get butthurt because somebody else chooses to live a different lifestyle.
  2. Never allows others to put them down. Masculine men stand up for themselves and don’t allow others to push them around or dictate what they do with their lives.
  3. Never allows his life to be led by somebody else’s opinion. Masculine men live their lives for themselves. Your life is yours, and you should not follow the crowd. Masculine men are not sheep. They are leaders seeking knowledge and forming their opinions through educated decisions.
  4. Never neglects his body. Masculine men exercise and understand that their body is their most valuable asset. They don’t neglect their health and are concerned about what goes into their mouths (aka food). Masculine men also do not abuse substances, including alcohol and drugs. They’re focused on making themselves better regardless of their age. Age is no excuse. Masculine men realize that everything is within their control.
  5. Always ask for help when needed. Reaching out is not a sign of weakness. Acknowledging that you need help and that you’re looking for somebody else to assist you in moving forward in life is a sign of strength.
  6. Never neglects mental health. Masculine men understand they must be physically, emotionally, and mentally strong. Masculine men use therapy as a tool to be emotionally stable, happy, and healthy. Therapy can also help set down the baggage and chains that bind you and prevent you from moving forward in life. Therapy is a powerful tool, and I recommend Better Help. Click for 10% off your first month of therapy and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help. You deserve to be happy.
  7. Never procrastinates. No matter what the situation, take action. Action is the differentiator. It’s not talent or skill. It’s action and being brave and bold. Success favors people who are willing to push down fear and take action.
  8. Never simps. Masculine men don’t ask women to split things (aka ‘go dutch’). If a masculine man has no money to go out on a date or plan something properly, they will wait and save up. Masculine might control the situation and not rely on other people for handouts. They make things happen rather than surfing p^rn, spanking their monkey all the time, and following Instagram models. Masculine men are self-sufficient and have a healthy relationship with sex.
  9. Always has a healthy relationship with social media. Masculine men are not surfing social media all day or having Facebook arguments about politics. They don’t have time for that. They understand they won’t change someone else’s opinion, which doesn’t matter anyway.
  10. Never wallows in self-pity. Masculine men don’t wallow in self-pity. They don’t have time to feel bad. Sure, they may feel down for a second but quickly pick themselves up.
  11. Never wastes time with stupid, childish hobbies. Masculine men are not sitting home on their parents’ couch and waiting for things to happen. They have a plan and a direction. Masculine men have a North Star.
  12. Always has goals. Sure, goals can change along the way, and they probably will. But masculine men don’t waste their precious time doing something that isn’t going to pay off in the long run.

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