5 Hacks to Have Better Hair Than Other Guys!

June 2, 2021
The inspiration for this video comes from an email from a viewer, Brad, who asked how he can have better hair. So, in this video, I am not just going to help Brad, but I’m also going to help you have AWESOME hair. Implement these hacks, and your hair will be sexy, luscious, flowing amazingness!

Want amazing hair? Follow these pointers

  1. Hair health nutrition — some hair healthy foods are eggs, salmon, peanuts, guacamole/avocados, sweet potatoes, and oysters. Also take hair vitamins: Nutrafol ($80/month) or Pete & Pedro Biotin Gummies ($22 with more biotin).
  2. Maximize your volume — use a little baby powder in your hair, down to your scalp. Your hair will get weightless volume and absorb oil. Another tip is to use a sea salt spray as a volumizer. To pump it up even more, use a volume shampoo to add bulk.
  3. Apply olive oil — work the olive oil through your hair (saturate hair + scalp for 15 minutes). Wash your hair, leaving you hair softer, silkier, and hydrated. Argan oil also does the trick with a few drops. Use it as a pre-styler or after styled to add shine. It soaks in to make you hair soft, shiny, and sexy. A hydrating shampoo with argan oil will also help those with dry hair.
  4. Use better products — upgrade from cheap products to quality products for better hair. The ingredients won’t damage your hair. Your hair is worth spending a bit more money. Pete & Pedro products are higher quality and are infused with botanicals & oils. My go-to hair product is Pete & Pedro Putty.
  5. Upgrade your barber– if you’re going to a barber, upgrade to a stylist. Barbers are great for fading; whereas, stylists are great adding texture & styling the top. Razor cuts and texture added to your hair makes a huge difference. Ask a friend with badass hair or a woman who has a good stylist for recommendations.

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