8 UGLY Shoes Men Should NEVER Wear!

July 22, 2021
Some shoes are sexy, and some are plain UGLY! It doesn’t matter how smooth & stylish you’re looking; if you’re wearing ugly ass shoes, you’re wearing ugly ass shoes! And it’s not just you who makes bad decisions; I bought some of these ugly shoes. Here’s how to identify six ugly shoes you shouldn’t wear.

These shoes look OFFENSIVE!

  1. Boat shoes — they are the ugliest shoes a dude can wear. Instead, rock clean minimal leather sneakers.
  2. Slip-on hiking shoes — they’ll make you look like a huge nerd, and they are just plain ugly.
  3. Lame loafers — double monk strap, fuzz/fur, and moccasin types (deconstructed) are all ‘no.’
  4. Athletic sneaker + non athletic clothes — instead wear retro-inspired kicks or minimal leather sneakers if you’re wearing non athletic clothes.
  5. Dramatic toes — pointy or square should not be rocked.
  6. Hyped-up sneaks — stop spending astronomical prices for these sneakers! You’ll only wear them for a short period until something else trendy will come into play. Buy another affordable option until prices regulate.
  7. Anything that shows your toes IF you’re not responsible with your feet — you need to get the crusty, funky, and calloused toes taken care of. If they are fine, flip flops are okay.
  8. Fake leather shoes — save a little more and buy real leather. They will look better, be more comfortable, and last 7xs longer. Invest a little more money for quality.

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