25 Items Aaron Marino {alpha m.} CAN’T Live Without!

May 9, 2024
This video is the weirdest I’ve ever published. I will walk around my house and show you some of the items I use daily, and some of them are super weird. Some of them, however, you’ve probably seen before. The bottom line is that I can’t live without these things.
  1. Espresso machine. It’s been a huge game-changer. Mine is a little more expensive because you have to use pods, but it’s the espresso is delicious and fast. It’s so convenient.
  2. Ninja blender. If you’ve ever tried to make a protein shake and a regular blender, it sucks. They don’t work that well because they don’t blend the ice well. But my Ninja is amazing. It’s also a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it.
  3. Quest protein powder. This is also worth the price. I love vanilla because you can mix a lot of stuff into it and make it taste even better. I add orange juice, lime concentrate, lemon, and more.
  4. Lemon juice. I drink over a gallon of lemon water daily, which boosts vitamin C and acts as a natural diuretic.
  5. House water filter. I installed Aquasana as the whole-house water filter. I can’t live without it because the water in my town is disgusting. Check out the demonstration of my brown pipes.
  6. Dumbbells. I work out every day, which I’ve been doing since I was 12. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Having some weights at home has been something that I have loved. They’re not the cheapest thing to buy, but they’re totally worth it.
  7. Dell XPS computer. It’s my favorite computer, and I’ve had a few of them. It’s expensive, but I use it a lot for editing. It’s a great size and built really well.
  8. Pixel phone. Google and Android are for me. It would piss me off if my technology stopped working just because I didn’t want to buy the latest thing. I am not an Apple fanboy, but I’m not saying anything is wrong with Apple.
  9. Shopify. It’s my internet e-commerce shopping platform. I’ve tried different platforms throughout my entrepreneurial career, and nothing compares to Shopify. It’s close to bulletproof.
  10. Canon M6 camera. I absolutely love this camera, and I have had a bunch of different cameras over the years. This one is awesome. It’s small and portable, and it’s a workhorse.
  11. Camera accessories. I also love Rode mics and Gorilla tripods. I use all three daily.
  12. Earplugs. I am very serious about my sleep, and it’s very important to me. I do what I need to to get great sleep, which includes sleeping in the dark, turning the temperature down to 65°, sleeping naked, and wearing these earplugs.
  13. Allergy pills. Living in Georgia makes allergy season rough, and these pills have been a game changer.
  14. Tiege Hanley. I use it every single day. I’m not getting any younger.
  15. Pete & Pedro Deodorant. It is the best natural deodorant on the market. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can affect your endocrine system and lower your testosterone. It also doesn’t clog sweat ducts.
  16. Pete & Pedro Texture Powder. This is my new favorite hair styling aid. It gives my hair insane volume.
  17. Pete & Pedro Sea SALT Spray. It’s a pre-styler that gives life and texture to hair. I combine it with Soft Putty, and after emulsifying and applying, it’s amazing!
  18. Pete & Pedro Control. I used to have dandruff, but I don’t have flakes after using this shampoo daily. It’s the only shampoo I recommend if you have dandruff. It’s packed with coal tar, menthol, and tea tree oil, and it’s cured my dandruff.
  19. Pete & Pedro REBEL. This is my super sexy signature scent.
  20. Pete & Pedro Nose Hair Trimmer. I use this trimmer regularly. It comes with three attachments and is super quick and easy to use. I also use it in other areas, such as my ear and around my lips. The USB charger is great because I don’t have to deal with batteries.
  21. Brio Beardscape 2.0. The battery life is insane, and I use it regularly for both my face and body.
  22. White or black t-shirts. I have quite a few, and my favorite are from Cuts. I also love All Saints.
  23. Watches. I wear a watch every day even though I have a phone. I actually don’t check the time with my phone; I’m always checking my watch. It’s the best accessory a guy can wear. I love my Rolex watched, which I now have two. I gave one away to a lucky fan. I also wear Aura (around $300), which is a great deal. Make sure to see this about the joke that went south about MVMT watches. I made a huge mistake.
  24. Earpods. Although I don’t love Apple, these bad boys are amazing. I personally like the old-school ones, so I bought a few pairs.
  25. Gucci loafers. I love these loafers, and these work with a lot of things. I have them in three different colors. They are expensive, but they’re versatile. I’ve beaten the crap out of them, but they still look good. The fit is amazing, and they are super comfortable.
  26. White sneakers. I have a couple of pairs from Suit Supply, and I recently got another from Arigato. I have a douchey pair from Gucci. Thursday Boots also has a gum sole pair that I love.
  27. Boots. I have a ton of boots, including Chelsea, lace-ups, and more. I wear boots daily.
  28. Running shoes. Brooks makes the best running shoes, in my opinion. I burn through them because I average about 50 miles a week. I’ve tried many different types of running shoes, and Brooks is the best.
  29. UGG slippers. They are the best out there because they’re so comfortable and versatile.
  30. Robe. Wearing a robe is like wearing a blanket. It’s perfect for lounging and chilling.

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