alpha m. DREAM Home Tour #3 + Life Updates

February 24, 2023
In today’s video update, I want to talk about my friend’s battle with cancer, my dream home, my new YouTube channel, and some insights & news about my businesses.

Cancer Battle

But first, I want to talk about my friend and business partner’s lung cancer battle. He’s been fighting cancer for about ten years, taking a chemo pill that has kept the lung tumors at bay. But, a few months ago, he had a regular scan that showed the tumors are growing. He’s been going through radiation and extra chemo. He’s also been hospitalized two times with pneumonia. The doctors are trying to get everything under control, so he hasn’t been working. It’s been hard. Just knowing somebody you care about is going through something like this is traumatic. I know he will kick it and get better, but he’s hospitalized and not feeling good during this time. The situation definitely puts life into perspective.

Dream Home

Now let’s talk about my new dream home. When I built my present house, there was a lot next to me for sale. Three months after moving in, I wanted to do this again. I feel very close to my grandfather, who was a builder, whenever I do things like this. I enjoy the process so much that I’ve thought about going into the development of strip centers, housing, or townhouse communities.

So two years ago, I bought the lot and started building my dream home. The inspiration came from a house I saw during one of my runs in Marietta. I love the brick, windows, slate roof, and pool. I found the architect and let her know I wanted one just like it. This architect and team of designers developed a fantastic design after a year. Check out the renderings where you can see the U-shape with a courtyard, pool, basement, and huge gym.

I don’t like to travel, so this will be my oasis. I’m spending my money so I can be in my town, go on walks, and live in a house I absolutely love. Once this process is done, I am concerned about what I will do next. That’s why I need to get into development or something of that nature because I love it so much. I’m super passionate about it. More updates to come on the Alpha Mpire channel, which I will discuss next.

Alpha Mpire

I’m starting a new YouTube channel. I have a lot of things that I want to talk about, including my experiences growing up poor to now what I consider an empire. I built something spectacular, considering I started from where I started. The truth is that if I could do it, you can do it too. I want to share tips and things I think about during the day and help you build your empire. The YouTube channel is Alpha Mpire, with candid videos about business, life, and things I am considering.

Business growth and development

Salon Posta opened two years ago and was a fantastic renovation process. The building was $730,000, and I put an additional 1.3 million into it. The result is stunning. I did this project because I love real estate and wanted to help my friend Stephen realize his dream. I’m super proud of what it’s become, and it’s outdone our expectations. I won an award for preserving this building from the Marietta Historical Society, and the salon has also won many other awards since opening. I couldn’t be more pleased or proud of the staff and the business we’ve built.

Salon Posta is less profitable than Pete & Pedro. I learned over my entrepreneurial journey that online businesses are the way to go because they’re much easier to scale. Salon Posta will do around $4 million with a 15% profit margin. The salon has a lot of moving parts and operating expenses. The goal is to get it up to $6 to $8 million with a margin of around 18 to 20%.
From a small spare bedroom in my house 10 years ago, Pete & Pedro now has 5,000 ft² of warehouse space. We’re light on inventory, with two tractor-trailer loads coming on Friday. It’s hard to rap my brain around what has happened with Pete & Pedro. Check out some of our new products … and take one of our many quizzes: Take a P&P quiz

Texture Powder
Exfoliating Back Scrubber
Exfoliating Bath & Shower Gloves
Dual-sided Textured Face & Body Washcloths

Online businesses are much easier to scale if you can figure out that mechanism. That’s what happened with Pete & Pedro. That’s also what happened with Tiege Hanley, my largest business of top-line revenue. Every business is challenging; you have to break the rocks. But if you understand it’s not glamorous, keep your head down, and do the fundamental things to build that business, you can be successful. It’s just not automatic.

So many fake gurus are out there that are lying to get people to buy their systems and courses. The truth is most of them have never done shit. That’s one of the reasons why I want to share my tips and experiences on Alpha Mpire. I’m not the smartest or most successful but I have built successful businesses and brands from zero. I’ve never had to raise any money, and I’ve just built good companies that turn a profit.

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