my final thoughts.

December 31, 2022
I have some final thoughts about 2022 that I want to tell you and some things I need you to know moving forward into 2023. I always get excited about the new year because it feels like a rebirth, regardless of what happened before. Last year was a challenging year with personal and professional struggles. I lost some people, which puts things into perspective. I also have some struggles and challenges with my businesses.

Struggles and challenges in 2022

I thought coming off of COVID, with things opening up and getting a little bit back to normal, things would have been awesome. But everything wasn’t awesome for me. However, it’s all relative, as we’ve all had challenges and struggles. Keep going when things get hard, or you’re struggling with something. The only way you fail is to give up.

Looking at social media, everybody appears to be doing better than us — that everybody’s living a happier life. The truth is that every single one of these people that you see killing it is struggling too. Those on social media show you what they want you to see. So don’t compare yourself to others you see on social media and online. Compare yourself to yourself. You can only measure success if you are better than you were last year, last month, or yesterday. Continue to strive to push forward and be better than you were before.

Don’t allow that negative voice to creep into your head and rule you or dominate your focus. Don’t worry about other people, and you need to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for past failures and for not being perfect. 2023 is going to be the best year yet. But it can only happen if you forgive yourself, move forward, and stop comparing yourself to others.

You will make mistakes, so you have to keep trying and working your ass off. Don’t doubt yourself! When you believe in yourself, you will be closer to unlocking your true potential. Most people aren’t worried about you; they’re concerned about themselves and their own issues and securities. Don’t allow small-minded and insignificant people to ruin your happiness.

Going into the new year

In 2023 I will work on moving forward and stopping comparing myself to others. This has been a constant struggle for me and something I need to be more diligent about. I’m also going to work on my fitness and body. I am in good shape, but I’ve let myself slide.

Time is your most valuable asset. You get to choose how you invest it. I will invest more wisely in myself and my mind by learning more and connecting with more people. Make sure that you do not waste your time with zero-value people. These people will bring you down and make you feel bad or worse about yourself. Low-budget and toxic people need to be identified so you can rid yourself of them. Surround yourself with better people that are going in the same direction as you and can lift you up. They need to feed your soul.

I also need you to stop letting the small sh!t bother me. I want to stop worrying about insignificant things I can’t change. This is tough and something that I constantly have to remind myself about. My wife does a good job reminding me about whether or not something matters. 99% of the time, stupid stuff gets me worked up, and then I end up beating myself for beating myself up over stupid ass things. If you can’t change something, which includes other people, politics, and opinions, stop worrying about it. You’re wasting valuable time.

Thank you!

How your year ends is how you will start the next one. There’s no better way I can think about ending or starting something than talking to you here. So I want to leave this by saying thank you for everything and for 2022. Thank you for the future of 2023 and for being my friend.

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