I Used a P* NIS Pump for 365 Days… HUGE Results!

May 2, 2024
Officially, I started using the Bathmate pump one year ago! So, I want to give a final review and update you on what I’m doing, which will give you an overview of what you can expect if you’re interested in making yours as big as possible.

I know I’m not alone

I decided to do this video and discuss my journey because I know I’m not alone. I know other guys are also struggling if I’m struggling with something I’m insecure about. One issue is that men think that they need to be hung like a donkey to satisfy a woman. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but it can make you insecure.

Due to my insecurity, I researched different options, including surgery, lifestyle modifications, supplementation, and exercise. I decided to go with a pump, specifically Bathmate. After careful consideration, I decided on the Hydro Extreme. I’m glad I did because it’s worth spending a few extra bucks.

It’s like working out

I hurt myself the first time using it. So understand that this is not something you just put on and think it’s working right out of the box. It’s a process, just like weightlifting, with repetitions.

After you attach it, you can actually see it growing. The device extracts water, creating suction, and pulls blood into the two spongy chambers. You hold it there and relax for about 5 minutes. Take it off and chill, and then do it another time for three sets. No session should last longer than 15 minutes.

Results are undeniable

Over time, the chambers stretch and permanently allow more blood to flow. I gained over an inch and a half in thickness, which is a game changer. I added about 3/4 of an inch in length. Research has shown that women would rather experience thickness than length.

I plateaued after about six months of consistent use. At that point, I backed off to three times a week. And now I’m using it about two times a week. I’ve gotten a routine, kind of like working out.

The Bathmate pump is definitely effective. Also, my endurance has increased. This product is recommended for men who are struggling with insecurities like this. It’ll help with confidence and improve your sex life. I give it two thumbs up. Try it out by using my special link and discount. Hopefully, you’ll see positive results, as I and many others have. If you don’t, Bathmate offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and refund without questions. If you want a longer and thicker Big Al, it’s worth your time and effort.

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