ALL Women WISH Men Did THIS!

October 14, 2021
KISS is an acronym often used in business that stands for “keep it simple stupid.” The other day, I realized that this acronym applies to relationships as well. One of the problems guys have is thinking they need to do all sorts of crazy things to keep someone’s attention or make someone want to date them. The truth is women wish men did a few basic, fundamental things.

They all want you to do THIS but won’t admit it

  • Stop being hung up on your insecurities and her ex-boyfriend — there’s nothing less attractive than someone who’s super insecure. Every single dude has insecurities, and she’s with you.
  • Connect with her friends and family — this is important to her. Be engaged in her life, including her friends and family, because the moment you stop is when things go wrong.
  • Let her know that you are thinking about her (without actually saying) — do small things like picking up around the house, telling her that she looks amazing, and looking amazing for her.
  • Don’t be a scumbag — don’t cheat, don’t flirt, and don’t hit on & slide into someone else’s DMs. It all boils down to trust and her feeling secure in your relationship.
  • Don’t be boring — you don’t have to be super exciting all the time, but you need to do fun things (not sitting on the couch smoking weed & playing video games).
  • Give her compliments — make her feel pretty. Continue to make her feel beautiful and special even after the relationship progresses. Dish out compliments, especially about her hair and booty.
  • Take it slow –– this includes being all frisky and paw-sy when you first meet. Wait to sleep together until the 3rd date. Also, slow down on the texting.
  • Have your own life — with this point, I am not talking about the women who are insecure and don’t want you doing anything other than hanging out with her. You need to be with someone that appreciates that you have your own goals, friends, and life. You need to be two individuals that came together because they chose to be together. These types of relationships work the best and are the healthiest. If you’re constantly up her ass, the relationship won’t work.

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