8 Best Men’s Haircuts of 2024

December 3, 2023
As you know, I own a hair salon, Salon Posta, and a men’s hair product company, Pete & Pedro. Naturally, I love seeing the evolution of men’s hair from the front lines. What I’ve been observing over the past few years has been inspiring as men embrace many natural textures and more flowing styles. However, they’re also reverting to some classic styles I grew up with.

Hairstyles change and evolve. Like the undercut, styles that were popular before are not so popular anymore. Overly stylized hair is also less popular because guys are gravitating towards more natural and loan maintenance styles. Men are having fun and being playful while definitely looking sexy. That said, I want to cover some styles that will blend different styles more than ever.

First, I want to mention two products you will want to upgrade to maximize your hairstyle and make it look as fresh as possible. First, a sea salt spray adds volume, texture, and dimension. Second, you should upgrade your hair dryer to a quality device. I recommend the Laifen Swift, which is as high quality as a Dyson, works better than a Dyson, and the price is a fraction of the cost. Get a Laifen Swift now for $80 off! It ends December 20 at either Amazon or their website. The special discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

Men’s Hairstyles for 2024

  1. Buzz cut, crew cut. You take the super short all the way down for a buzz cut, and the crew cut is a little bit longer and faded on the temples. The faded crew is one of the sexiest styles out there. Add a beard for a rugged and manly look if you want to elevate it. The French crop is like a crew but a bit longer and styled on the top. The sides are tighter and tapered, with a fade depending on your preference. It’s like a modified and modern Caesar cut.
  2. Classic side part. This style is old-money perfection and will always be popular because it looks great on everybody. A few options for styling depend on the product you’re using, whether a pomade, a matte product, or a texture powder.
  3. Modern mullet. This bad boy won’t quit and is getting better with age. It’s shorter on top with fringe or a bit more textured. You could also go curly. Then, the back is grown out. One key to making this look incredible is tapering and fading the temples. It’s almost a faux hawk meets mullet. If you want to combine a mullet with a beard, that’s amazing.
  4. Messy fringe. It’s more stylized, and many more guys will be going low fade on the temples and back. It will give it more shape and a more stylized look. It’s casual, and whether you have curly hair or a lot of texture, it will look sexy as hell.
  5. The flow. This is letting your hair grow slightly longer and then pushing it back. You could slick it back or do some curtains. It’s a more natural, free-flowing look that looks crazy sexy. You’ll see more man buns returning this year than ever because of the last few years of guys letting their hair grow and embracing the length. You also see some messy buns, top knots, and sumo styles.
  6. Slickback. This style is perfect for guys with medium-length hair who want to be a bit more polished and have an old-money aesthetic without doing a side part. You need a high-hold product to keep the hair back. The style is easy to do right out of the shower. After you apply product, you push it back. It will fall down as it dries, so you’ll need a high-quality product with a medium shine. I would not recommend hair gel because you’ll look like you’re wearing a helmet, but you could hit it with some hairspray to lock it into place.
  7. The quiff. Your hair texture, length, how tight you want the sides, and expected maintenance will determine what you do with the sides. You could go with a tight fade that’s tightened every two to three weeks. Or you can go with something more natural with longer sides.
  8. Luscious locks. If your hair is longer than medium but not down your back, this is more like surfer hair. It will be messy, textured, and a bit more playful. The style only works well with guys with super thin or straight hair because you need to have a bit more texture and wave for some natural volume. Sea salt spray and a texturizing power powder will make it look insanely sexy.

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Okay, guys– it’s undeniable that fluffy hair is taking over the scene these days, and it’s totally understandable why. That epic bro flow is incredible, if you can pull it off of course. So, if you’re ready to amp up your style with some extra fluff here’s your complete guide to achieving that enviable fluffy look.

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