Top 10 BIGGEST Turn Offs for Women

April 5, 2024
A lot of times, turn-ons and turnoffs are individually based. I’ve been turned off by oily skin, old lady perfume, and fruity lip gloss. Check out my stories in the video. That being said, I want to cover a few that girls say turn them off like a light.

Why she’s as cold as ice toward you

  1. Being a puss. If you’re an emotionally and mentally weak man and your body is weak, this ain’t getting it done. It’s a turnoff. Women want to be with men who are strong and confident.
  2. Indecisiveness. Men who don’t know what they want are not sexy. Women want men who take control of situations and are problem solvers. She doesn’t want to be the one who takes control of every situation, planning all the dates, picking the restaurants, and controlling situations.
  3. Always asking. She doesn’t want you to ask or contemplate. She wants you to make sure that everything’s cool before you spank that booty. Don’t be over the top aggressive, but also understand she doesn’t want to be with a guy who’s not confident, including sexually. She wants foreplay and for you to seduce her. She wants you to nibble tenderly, touch your body, caress things, and tell her she’s sexy.
  4. Un-groomed. She doesn’t want to be with you if you smell, if your balls are musky, if you’re funky, if you have a big monster man bush. She wants to be with a guy who’s clean and smells fresh. She also doesn’t want to look at gnarled, nasty, and chewed fingers. Make sure your hands are well-manicured. Take care of your handsome face and more with Tiege Hanley.
  5. Controlling. If you’re overbearing and telling her what she can or can’t do, this is not sexy. If you don’t trust her, break up with her. You need to have trust in a relationship. She doesn’t want somebody who is begging, needy, and clingy.
  6. Egomaniac. She doesn’t want a high-maintenance man. She wants you to make her a priority. She doesn’t want to be with a guy who’s a diva — she wants to be the diva.
  7. No boundaries. For her to want you sexually, she needs to respect you. Many women will test and see what they can get away with by pushing buttons and asking for extravagant things to see what happens. Women want a man who pushes back and has boundaries for himself. They want a man who respects himself and doesn’t allow others to walk all over him. She doesn’t want a people-pleaser because that’s not sexy. Mama’s boys are also not what women are looking for.
  8. Overly sexualized. The whole simp action is not good. If she sees you’re always looking at girls on your phone or you’re constantly checking out spicy senoritas, she’ll think you’re trouble. She’s not going to put up with it.
  9. No ambition. She also won’t put up with you smoking, playing video games on your parents couch, or not being motivated. She wants to go-getter. She wants a man who is making himself better and making something of himself.
  10. Talking down to her. If you make fun of her or don’t validate her feelings, this isn’t sexy. You also need to carry your weight in the relationship. You need to help clean and cook.

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