7 BRUTALLY HONEST Reasons Your Standards Are TOO LOW!

January 17, 2022
Recently literally everyone on social media these days is Yoda. Everyone is trying to give you words of advice or wisdom about how you should live your life and be happy. The other day, I saw something that almost made my head explode. It said the secret to happiness is low expectations! This mindset is toxic and weak, and the truth is everyone is ‘okay’ with being ‘okay’ … being average. But I disagree. Life will only give you sloppy seconds with low expectations. You won’t be happy, fulfilled, and dominate life until you move out of this weak and toxic-minded mentality.

Signs your expectations are way too low

  1. You are comfortable hanging out with losers — the question you have to ask yourself is what do you want out of life? If you want to elevate your life, you have to surround yourself with high-caliber people.
  2. You take what you can when dating — instead, you need to go after what you want rather than settling for average. Be willing to step outside of the box and your comfort zone; go after someone you’ve been eyeing and wanting to talk to.
  3. You’re living a life you don’t love — life can be complicated and challenging. You will have to bust your ass to make things happen, but your life is yours and your responsibility. Live a life with purpose and passion. Don’t allow others to dictate your direction.
  4. You don’t love how the man in the mirror looks — dress with purpose and intention, wearing clothes that make you feel confident. Cuts clothing does that for me.
  5. You are embarrassed to take off your clothes — if you don’t feel comfortable taking off your shirt at the beach or you don’t want to get naked in front of your spicy senorita, this is a sign you’ve let yourself go. Instead of letting yourself go, adopt a healthier diet, work out, and take care of yourself. Take an active role in your health and fitness.
  6. You don’t think you’re special — if you’re comfortable being average and believe there’s nothing special about you, you have to stop falling into this mindset that you can’t be successful. If your dreams aren’t scaring you, you don’t have high enough expectations.
  7. People in your life treat you poorly (and you take it) — if you have people in your life that are toxic and you are allowing them to beat you down, you don’t have high enough standards for yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

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