How to Make People Respect You in ANY Situation {EVEN IF YOU’RE SHORT}!

June 19, 2023
Today’s video goes out to all of my fellow short kings. The tips can actually work for anybody, regardless of height. But one of the things short men struggle with is feeling like they need to be respected the same way as taller dudes.

Tall men have an advantage in life. Statistically, they make more money, have more sex, and have an easier time commanding respect. This video will be divided into two parts: how to maximize your visual height and tricks to command respect in any situation.

Maximize your visual height

  • Dress in a dark monochromatic palette. Make sure your pants match closely with your shirt color. Breaking up the body into halves makes a man appear shorter. The body is elongated when the eye doesn’t break at the waist.
  • Fit is critical. Make sure clothes are tailored to create a visual v from the shoulders to the ankle.
  • Wear lower-profile shoes. You do not want an overly bulky toe box. Big and bulky shoes will make a man look shorter. You want a shoe with a minimal aesthetic.
  • Open your placket. This helps to create the v. If you’re wearing a Henley or polo, open it up to give your body visual length by creating a nice v. This will also simultaneously strengthen your jaw.
  • Never wear stripes. They’ll make you short and squatty. Use a tighter, more subdued pattern or vertical stripes if you want a pattern. Pinstripes on a suit or pants will create height.
  • Get your hair off of your face. To maximize your visual height, you must ensure your hair is off your face. You can gain an inch or two.

Command respect!

  • Walk proud. When you walk into a room, walk like a badass. Take nice, even steps with your chest up and shoulders back. Ensure your head is up, making you look as tall as possible, proud, and confident.
  • Make eye contact. Maintaining proper eye contact is a power move. Make a habit of looking people in the eye and engaging with them.
  • Smile. A smile is incredibly powerful and is impossible not to respect.
  • Have a nice body. Regardless of your height, if you have a nice physique, people will automatically respect you. People will also be intimidated. People who do not take care of themselves will be insecure if you have a nice body, even if they’re taller.
  • Have great style. If you dress with intention and purpose, it’s impossible not to respect somebody who has put together.
  • Be well groomed. This is a power move because so many men are savages and sloppy. They have nose and ear hair and are not taking care of themselves. If you’re well groomed and polished, and you smell amazing, it’s next level. People will respect you. Ensure you use a high-quality deodorant, your balls don’t stink, and you’re wearing a panty-dropping fragrance. Get 1 Pete & Pedro Cologne + 1 Fresh Deodorant + 1 Fresh Ball & Body Powder for $50 (retails $84)  — use link + code on page.
  • Speak clearly. You will command respect if you speak concisely and eloquently, without using many filler words, and not cussing all the time. Do not stumble or stammer. If you can clearly and concisely get your point across, that’s incredibly rare.
  • Be an expert at something. You will automatically get respect when talking about ‘that thing.’
  • Give compliments. It’s impossible not to like somebody who gives you a compliment. Another bonus about complimenting is that people respect others who share their opinions. So, a compliment reassures them they made a great decision and that you two are similar.
  • Be a celebrity. If you have any bit of celebrity in whatever environment you’re in (including business), you will automatically get respect. Also, if you figured it out financially, you will be more respected. Wearing a nice watch will make you feel more confident when you enter a room and build you up, even if it is psychological. Keep in mind that successful dudes will notice a nice watch.

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