7 Rules {Handsome} Guys Break… That You Should Too!

January 6, 2022
When being well-groomed, certain rules are non-negotiable (like having a monster man-bush). Certain grooming rules were designed specifically to keep you looking like a savage. On the flip side, some other grooming rules should be broken. So, I am going over some popular grooming rules that good looking guys break — that you should break too.

STOP adhering to these grooming practices

  1. ‘Don’t shampoo your hair every day’ — for some people this is fine. But if you have greasy hair or if you use a lot of product, you need to wash more. I wash 2xs a day.
  2. ‘Barbers are for men and stylists are for women’ — barbers are better for basic men’s cuts and using clippers (fading). But if you don’t want a basic style, a hair stylist is a better option. It’s all about layers, texture, and volume.
  3. ‘If you can’t grow a good beard, don’t grow one’ — most men have patchy, thin, or irregular beards. Grow your beard for 30-days to get an accurate representation. Then, define your boundaries.
  4. It’s gay to shave your arms, legs, and armpits’ — shaving or trimming arms, legs, and armpits doesn’t make you ‘gay.’ You can show your muscles more by reducing the bulk of your body hair.
  5. Just taking care of the unibrow is enough’ — you need to remove eyebrow hair as I describe, but there’s a fine line between cleaning up your eyebrows and looking feminine. Never use a razor on your eyebrows.
  6. ‘You need to scrub your face super hard’ — you need to mildly exfoliate 2xs a week. If you go too hard, you can age your face. You also need an AM moisturizer with SPF AND a PM moisturizer at night. Use Vaseline on your lips for kissable lips, which you can also use Vaseline to make your fragrance project better.
  7. ‘Have a signature scent’ — most guys wear the same fragrance every year, every day. You will get used to it. Instead, switch fragrances you wear week-to-week.

Featured video

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