8 Habits That Keep Men Slaves

June 9, 2023
When I sit down and think about what it takes to live an extraordinary life, to be wildly successful, and to feel happy and fulfilled, it’s not over-complicated. It’s pretty basic. So, if you get these basic things out of the way, it’s all up from there. You’ll have the basis to live an extraordinary life and kick ass. You’ll be able to do everything you were destined to do. But, if you make any of these mistakes, you will continue to be captive to mediocrity.

Don’t be captive to mediocrity!

  1. High debt. Debt is the devil. All debt is bad, in my opinion, because if you’re strapped with high interest, you’re not truly living your purpose. You’ll always be thinking about your debt.
  2. Hating your job. Life is way too short to hate what you’re doing, so you’re wasting your life. Your time is your most valuable asset; don’t waste it on something you don’t enjoy. I’m not saying to follow your passion because sometimes the passion won’t pay the bills. But if there is something that you love doing that you can turn into a career, then that’s great. But if there is not, then no big deal. Keep that as a hobby but find another profession that will make you feel better when you work.
  3. Concern for what others are thinking. People are not thinking about you or concerned about you. They’re worried about themselves. They have their own issues and insecurities. If being preoccupied with what others think prevents you from going after what you want, remind yourself that your life is now.
  4. Sloppy body. Why aren’t you exercising? Why aren’t you working out? Why do you have a sloppy ass and man boobs? Make fitness a priority. If your body is not strong, you are not going to win. And if your diet is eating crappy foods, you won’t win either. Don’t go for fast and convenient; eat healthy and nutritious foods. Factor makes it super easy and convenient. Use code ALPHAM50 to get 50% off your first Factor box.
  5. Addictions. Whether your habit is to substances, technology, adult movies, drinking & drugs, or otherwise, addiction is not helping you be better. Stop being self-destructive.
  6. Losers. It’s critical to outgrow certain people. Don’t surround yourself with losers. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, get rid of them.
  7. Unhealthy obsession with women and pretty girls. There’s nothing wrong with pretty girls, but if you spend a lot of energy and bandwidth chasing and obsessing over them, you won’t be successful in life.
  8. Not being disciplined. If you can’t be disciplined, there is no chance that you will live your ideal life. You need to be able to stick to the things that we’ve talked away about with discipline. Discipline is intrinsic. You must focus and block out the noise when things aren’t fun or exciting. Do what is expected to move forward. Without discipline, you are nothing.

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