How to UnF*ck Your life

June 23, 2023
Life is all about choices, and those choices & decisions you have made led you to where you are right now. If you’re unhappy, the good news is that you can change. Don’t live an average life and be mediocre. Have a life full of incredible experiences and relationships with extraordinary accomplishments.

UN-Fing your life is your choice, and you start by deciding to change. Get out of your own way. Look at yourself in the mirror, admit it’s not easy, and adjust to make better decisions to kick ass and Un-F your life.

Steps to UN-F your life

Stop lying to yourself. Stop blowing smoke up your ass and thinking your life is somebody else’s responsibility. You can fix it if you’re willing to look honestly at yourself and own your shit. But you have to be honest. We don’t like to hear or acknowledge that we may be doing things wrong or that choices are not turning out well or preventing us from doing what we’re destined to do.

Get away from people who enable average. Friends, family members, and even your significant other must push you to improve and encourage good behavior. If they are not, by telling you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear, run away from them and gravitate toward people who will help you live your best life. Get rid of people holding you down and enable you to be average, and instead, surround yourself with people who lift you and help you grow in the right direction.

Stop living somebody else’s dream. We often allow other people’s opinions to dictate and direct our future. Our future is our decision, and the quickest way to ruin your life is not to follow your passion and dreams. Your life is about your choices, so don’t live a life that somebody else wants for you. You’ll find out that down the road, you’re miserable. Trust your gut and follow your goals, path, and direction. It’s nobody else’s business.

Take care of your body. Exercise every day. If you’re not healthy, nothing else matters. Eat right, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, and don’t drink in excess. These five are non-negotiable. Your body will fall apart and won’t work anymore if you don’t take care of it.

Take pride and ownership of your appearance. People form opinions about you solely on nonverbal communication, including your grooming, skin, complexion, and style. You must ensure your nonverbal is consistent with how you want to be received. Take better care of your skin with a solid skincare routine. Tiege Hanley makes it simple, starting with the Level 1 system that comes with the core four products, including face wash twice a day, exfoliating scrub twice a week, AM moisturizer with an SPF for the morning, and PM moisturizer before bed. Add the eye cream and/or anti-aging serum for Levels 2 and 3.

Stop behaviors that make you feel bad and insecure. Replace them with what makes you feel confident and uplifted. Instead of playing video games, surfing the internet, or watching movies, go for a walk or connect with a friend, family member, or loved one. You could work on a business, read a book, go to the gym, etc. These positive habits will produce positive outcomes, making you feel better about yourself.

Be honest with your finances. Start a budget if you expect to get out of debt. Get a handle on your finances, stop the bleeding, and stop spending money on credit. Live below your means. Pay off high-interest credit cards ASAP because a lot of debt puts you in a position of weakness. The two areas we spend the most in our lives are where we live and what we drive. Reduce these expenditures and use that extra cash to pay down your credit card debt. If you don’t have credit card debt, invest the money.

Upgrade your skill set and resume. Life is too short to spend 8 to 10 hours a day doing something you hate. If you’re in a place where you’re not passionate, not interested, or not making enough money, change. The internet has changed the game, where you can easily have two income streams (job + side hustle) as a way to diversify. Go to Skillshare and figure out new skills to make money. A career shift can make you feel better, and having a North Star to work towards is an uplifting inspiration. A plug-and-play life is boring, so have challenges and something to strive for. And when you achieve them, it’s rewarding.

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