10 Items That Make Guys Look {Super} IMMATURE!

July 11, 2022
Some items that men wear make them look manly — like beards. Of course, some items make men look feminine — like Toms. But the items that I am discussing today make you look immature, which is unfortunate because you want as many opportunities as possible and you want to be taken seriously. Being viewed as immature may not garner the respect you deserve either.

Men are viewed as childish or youthful wearing these

  1. Baseball hats 24/7 — every man needs a baseball hat in his arsenal, but if you’re wearing it all the time, you’ll send a subliminal message that you’re immature and not responsible. And if you wear it backwards, multiply this sentiment by 10.
  2. Mixed-matched shoes —  your shoe should match your outfit’s level of dressiness. A casual shoe for a dressy situation doesn’t blend. Don’t mix-and-match.
  3. Graphic tee shirts — and offensive graphic tees (marijuana leaves, for example) are even worse. Instead, take your tee shirt game to the next level with Cuts. You need to make sure your clothes fit properly. Cuts shirts fit properly, accentuating all the right spots.
  4. Striped shirts — they look immature and youthful. Plus, they make you look fatter if they have horizontal stripes. Instead, go solid and subtle. Check out this video on polo wearing rules.
  5. Thin suit lapels and ties — these are totally out of style.
  6. Smart or digital watches — I get it that they’re functional, but you should invest in a proper watch such as a Timex Weekender.
  7. Phone — men that are more confident and self-assured typically don’t have their phone in their hand. Don’t miss out on potential opportunities to meet and engage with people. Be friendly and smile.
  8. Oversized hoodies — if you want to wear a hoodie, wear one that has an elevated aesthetic, is sexier, and is clean while being casual.
  9. Facial piercings and tattoos — there are social implications, which I even experience with my earrings. They send a subliminal message that you’re immature.
  10. Sagging pants — if your pants are down and your underwear is showing, people are not forming an opinion of you that you’re charming, sexy, or amazing.

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