Dear YouTube… It’s time for me to move on

January 5, 2024
Eight years ago, I was broken when I posted my first YouTube video. I was financially ruined, I just filed for bankruptcy, and I was trying to figure things out. I started an image consulting business to help guys look their best. I started posting YouTube videos because I had a camera and didn’t know what else to do.

The start of alpha m.

Something unique happened; I found my voice. I also found a community of people who loved and appreciated me. I was hooked. From that point, my vision of success changed. It used to be a chain of fitness centers, but now it’s what makes me feel complete, valued, and worthy.

I felt insignificant and less than others for most of my life because I grew up without. I didn’t have much money, but YouTube allowed me to find my voice and community and feel better about myself. That’s what I wanted for you as well — to feel better about yourself and your confidence. My goal was simple. It was to help viewers feel confident through personal presentation, fitness, and grooming through this YouTube resource.

The alpha m. YouTube channel was built for the younger me. I had struggled my entire life with confidence, and if I could help one person feel better about themselves, that was my goal. I kept posting, and over the years, I kept posting. Whenever I meet up with one of you in person, it is amazing and inspiring. In fact, I just met two people at the gym yesterday who told me how I help them through difficult times. These interactions resonate with me.

Where do I fit?

The other day, I realized my role and purpose for you guys had changed. Some who used to watch me don’t watch me anymore because they’ve moved on to their next life phase. I’m trying to find out where I fit on the internet and in the world of YouTube because I’m not ultra-controversial, I have a positive message, and I’m never going to be Jose or Alex.

What hit me is that I know how to make money, and that’s the missing piece. You will only truly feel fantastic about yourself once you figure out how to be financially free. No matter how many videos I do about looking good, grooming, and dressing well, you need to be financially free to be confident.

Alpha Mpire

This is why I started Alpha Mpire YouTube channel. I want to help you with the next phase of life to become financially successful. My financial journey will differ from yours, but I’ve learned a lot after opening 20-plus businesses over the years. I found one model that’s easy to start because it doesn’t require a lot of capital and is easy with marketing and advertising. It’s low-risk, and it’s called white labeling.

I have started several businesses with white labeling, and the business model is the same. I’m giving it away for free. My goal is to help you get rich by helping you build a white label business from ideation to store set-up to marketing to selling products. I have your blueprint if you click here. Also, join the Mpire Community, a course that covers granular step-by-step topics. All the guesswork is taken out with incorporating, Shopify & paid marketing tutorials, influencer tips, and more.

Additionally, I also created a community, and that’s where the magic happens. Everybody who joins Mpire can come together to talk, share, and help each other. I’m in there every day to chat, and I am also doing live training weekly for 2 hours. I’m walking through the curriculum and answering business questions. I’ll help each and every one of you build your own private white label empire. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever done and will be my legacy.

Join me and take control of your financial future

If you’re serious about taking control of your financial future and destiny, hit the link below and watch the video. It will walk you through and explain everything. I’ll also give you a free step-by-step blueprint for building a white label company from scratch. If you want more information or to join the community, hit the link and join. I’m incredibly excited and passionate. I want to thank you for hanging out with me for so long.

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