6 Leather Jacket Wearing Rules All Men Should Follow!

November 14, 2022
Today I am super excited to talk about one of my favorite style obsessions, leather jackets. They are a men’s must-have. I love leather jackets; they’re the most badass wardrobe item a man can own. However, there’s a razor-thin line between looking like a badass and a dumbass, so I will go over some leather jacket-wearing rules that every man should follow. At the end of the video, you’ll see some of my favorite badass leather jacket outfit combinations to make you look like a sex machine.
  1. Price. Under $200 is typically a fake leather jacket and is something other than what I recommend. It will not look like leather and will not wear or last like leather. Authentic leather patinas over time, one of the most beautiful things about leather jackets — they get better looking as time goes on. If it’s under $200, save your money for genuine leather. The average price point for a high-quality leather jacket is around $500. However, Thursday Boot leather jackets have cut out the middleman, so their jackets are high-quality with an incredible $200 price. The quality is equal to my $1,200 leather jackets!
  2. Versatility. I recommend the racer jacket as one of my all-time favorites because it works for men of any age, is minimal and streamlined, and is timeless. The moto-style jacket is a bit more rugged, bad-boy, and one of my favorites as well. My third recommendation for versatility is the bomber jacket, which comes in various styles and colors. It’s an incredible option for lightweight and transitioning between seasons.
  3. Fit. Make sure the jacket is a bit snug because it will stretch out and loosen up. You want to ensure the sleeves are not too long; they should not cover your knuckles. Keep in mind different brands have different proportions.
  4. Color. Black is the most classic option, but brown will get you compliments. Brown is a bit more versatile and also less harsh and aggressive. The suppleness will add depth and dimension to your outfit. Gray also adds depth and dimension to an outfit, but it’s a bit less versatile. Light tan also is a color to be cautious and careful of. It’s not going to be as versatile as a darker brown.
  5. Finish. I love the softness and supplements of suede, but it tends to stain. Higher shine leathers are a bit more robust with durability. Thursday Boot has a hybrid, matte leather with the durability of shiny leather but more texture and contrast like suede.
  6. Age-appropriateness. The moto, racer, or bomber jackets are timeless and can be worn at any age. Some other leather jackets will make you look a little more youthful and like you’re trying a bit too hard. Make sure your outfit balances your style and aesthetic. For instance, if you’re wearing pleated khakis and a striped polo, don’t throw on a bomber jacket with zippers and pads. You will look like a douche. Simple tee shirts and henleys with badass jeans and boots comprise a timeless classic style.

My favorite ways to wear leather jackets

  • Monochromatic black outfit with Chelsea boots and a moto jacket. It’s a great way to combine two colors to make you stand out.
  • Matte black cap-toe Thursday Boots with slim-fit green cargo pants, a simple white tee shirt, and a matte black racer jacket round out this earthy outfit, which is incredible for fall or winter.
  • ‘Upscale refined’ as opposed to ‘bad-boy chic’, I pair beautiful wing-tip brogue Thursday Boots lace-ups with medium wash blue jeans, a simple flannel shirt, and a brown racer jacket. It’s a perfect date outfit or casual kicking-it-around-the-town look.

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