9 Everyday Things KILLING Your Health

July 12, 2023
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten smarter. I didn’t think about health when I was young because I thought I was invincible. Most young dudes do. We’re dumb! Unfortunately, the truth is that as you age, many of the choices you made when you were younger catch up with you. Unfortunately, if you’re doing some of the things I’m discussing in today’s video, you’re destroying your health.

Even if your friends or people on social media are doing them, it doesn’t mean it’s okay. It may seem ordinary and common, but it will still hurt you in the long run. I know you think some of these things are no big deal, but they will be big. Personally, I want to kick ass for as long as possible. I think you do too.

Everyday choices that can ruin your life

  1. Using steroids. One of the biggest mistakes that I see young guys making is that they’re comparing themselves physically to guys that are on performance-enhancing drugs. They think they will get more girls, make more money, and feel incredible if they’re bigger. The truth is they’re messing up their bodies long-term. You can have an incredible body if you consistently work out and eat right.
  2. Eating like sh!t. Eat better, high-quality food. Stop eating trash and making bad decisions with your food consumption. Energy drinks are terrible; sugar and sodas are also awful. Remember that one can of Diet Coke daily can increase your risk of developing prostate cancer by 50%.
  3. Not working out. You’ve heard me talk about the importance of working out thousands of times. You must take care of your body, or it will fall apart.
  4. Getting sexy with people you shouldn’t. Do not have unprotected sex. You need to wrap your ass both because you don’t want an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. Certain STDs will stay with you for a lifetime and can destroy your testicles and sperm. Unfortunately, many STDs that dudes get are not detectable immediately.
  5. Neglecting mental health. You need to deal with issues, past and present. Also, deal with your stress, anxiety, and get things off your chest. Therapy is essential, and I’ve done it multiple times. Better Help will help you take control of your life and happiness.
  6. Having crappy sleep. Make sleeping a priority because if you’re not getting enough, everything in your life will suffer. You won’t look as good or have the mental capacity to deal with stress and anxiety. You need good sleep to be successful and healthy. You need to get at least 7:00 to 8 hours of solid slumber, or else you could experience heart, weight, man boobs, stress, and anxiety issues.
  7. Smoking, weed, and drinking. Cigarettes are also harmful. You’re doing your body a disservice if you’re abusing alcohol, smoking weed, and/or smoking cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco is a big offender as well. Get a patch, go to hypnosis, and stop being self-destructive.
  8. Not getting checkups. You need to go for regular checkups so that they can detect issues that you can fix now. This includes the dentist.
  9. Effing up dopamine levels. Dopamine is an amazing chemical that motivates us to do things, but we are facing a dopamine epidemic messing up our brains. Spending so much time on social media gives a hit of dopamine every time, resulting in decreased happiness and motivation in the long run. Remove some of the social media apps. as you’re not missing anything. We’re like crackheads looking at social media, so chill and reset that dopamine level to reset your life.

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