7 Things Guys Do to Smell Good … But It STINKS!

September 25, 2023
Some things you are doing that you think make you smell good are actually making you stink. Your scent is one of your most powerful nonverbal communication tools. If you smell great, people will automatically be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. But unfortunately, some of these things that you’re doing that you think make you smell incredible actually make you smell worse.

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What’s making you smell worse

  1. Smelling like every other dude. The good news is that these fragrances are not offensive, but you will smell like her ex-boyfriend or every other guy.
  2. Mixing two fragrances. Even if two scents smell fantastic, they don’t mix great. Never mix fragrances together. Also, grooming products with potent scents, whether body wash, deodorant, beard oil, shampoo, or anything else you’re using, will interfere with your fragrance. Ensure the products you use are fragrance-free or have a very mild scent but don’t interfere with your fragrance. Lighter and fresher fragrances will not stick to your body as much as powerful musky and woody scents. So, if you’re looking for a ball powder, go with a fresh scent, like Pete & Pedro’s Body and Ball Powder.
  3. Sticking fragrance down your pants. It’s a big No-No to spray fragrance down there. The fragrance mixes with your man musk and does nothing to prevent you from sweating or stinking. Also, don’t powder your balls with baby powder. Don’t use baby powder unless you’re cool with smelling like a baby and having a white, chalky, milky mess down your pants.
  4. Over-projection. Different fragrances have different intensities. Spring and summer fragrances have lighter and fresher scents, so you could wear more sprays and not offend others. But heavier fragrances worn in the fall and winter are heavier, so tone it back to two squirts if you usually have four squirts of the spring and summer fragrances. You don’t want to knock people out. To make sure your fragrance projects optimally, make sure to use enough Vaseline. I’m not talking about lathering it all over your body, but you must cover your pulse points. When you spray, it’s not a pinpoint application. You need to ensure that you’re covering a large enough area so that your Vaseline is effective when you apply your fragrance.
  5. Holding the fragrance too far away. Make sure your fragrance is projected in a specific pattern and area. Don’t use the mist method when you walk into a spray, as it won’t have the concentration on your skin.
  6. Wrist pulse-point application. You want to smell amazing, and if you’re using your wrist as a pulse point, you’re nowhere near everybody’s face in those. When wearing a fragrance, you want to ensure it’s up near others’ heads. I do a shot on each side of my neck and then once on my upper chest.
  7. Body sprays. Never ever wear body sprays.

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