Do THIS to Get a STRONGER Jawline & MORE Defined Face {IN 10 DAYS}!

July 20, 2022
Unfortunately, most men were not born with a Greek godlike jaw. The good news is we can do some things to make weak jaws look better. If you implement these tips and tricks, your jaw will be noticeably stronger and sexier within 10 days.

10 days to a more angular jaw

  • Wear v-neck shirts – The v-neck draws the eye down, making your jaw look more angular. Polos and Henleys do the same thing as opposed to crewnecks, which soften the face. 
  • Reduce the amount of subcutaneous water – Drink 1 gallon of lemon water daily to flush some of the subcutaneous water you’re holding in your face. The lemon is a natural diuretic, which will speed the process.
  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed – Your face will become thinner and more angular, and you will lose approximately 5 lbs or more. Most of this weight will be water weight, but that’s excellent news for your face and jawline.
  • Utilize facial hair – A few facial hairstyles make your jaw look weaker, such as a solo standalone mustache that puts emphasis and weight at the lip instead of down at the jaw. A big, round beard also makes a face look fatter and rounder. Don’t let your facial hair grow around your cheeks, so define boundaries. A completely shaved face will also look rounder and fuller. Beards are two men like makeup is to women, and the 10-day stubble is what women find amazing and the most attractive. Check out my demonstration from 15 days’ worth of growth, where I leave it a little bit longer on my chin and fade my sideburns. Also, make sure to catch the part of the demonstration where I stop and start my beard, which 99.9% of men make this mistake. My grooming tool, and the best tool on the market, is the Brio 2.0. Grab the Beardscape bundle that includes the Zero Blade for free ($24.95 value). 
  • Have proper neck posture – With all of us looking down at our phones and computers, our neck tilts down, making our jaws appear weaker. Further, our shoulders are rounded, and our head becomes forward. Instead, have your shoulders back and your head up, automatically elevating your chin and making it look stronger. It’s all about posture.
  • Have proper tongue posture – Mewing trains your tongue not to be lazy. Your tongue should press flat against the roof of your mouth. Check out my demonstration. You can also opt for chewing to strengthen your mandible muscles. My alternative is to chew four pieces of gum at a time, which makes your jaw muscles work harder and helps to slim your cheeks and strengthen your jaw.
  • See a plastic surgeon – If you are super concerned or worried about a weak jaw, you could seek a consultation from a plastic surgeon. A mentoplasty is a silicone implant combined with liposuction and muscle tightening. I believe this is the last resort.

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