If a Girl Ever Calls You {Cute} … DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!

August 15, 2022
Kittens are cute, grandmas are cute, and if she doesn’t find you sexually attractive, you are cute too. Being called cute is like the kiss of death in terms of attraction. You’re literally almost to the point of being friend-zoned. But the good news is that you have a window to do precisely what I tell you to be called sexy instead of cute.

The truth is if a woman thinks you’re cute like a kitten, she will never want to get freaky or frisky with you. But on the flip side, being called cute could be the code for, “I want to make out with you, but you have to up your game.”

Actionable steps to turn your cuteness into sex appeal

  • Grow a beard – 10-day stubble of scientifically proven to make every dude more attractive. Any facial hair will eliminate or lessen cuteness if a beard isn’t possible.
  • Drink 1 gallon of lemon water daily – lemon water will flush your system and reduce the subcutaneous water to make your face look more chiseled.
  • Get a tattoo – a sleeve will be the ultimate ‘not cute,’ but I don’t think you should run out and get a tattoo. However, if you’ve been wanting one, plan ahead, execute it properly, and you will look like a badass, bad boy.
  • Workout – work out today. You don’t have to wait to go to join a gym. Remember, if you have guns, you win.
  • Expose skin – skin to win, gentleman. Women find dudes’ forearms the sexiest body part.
  • Upgrade your style – turn from cute little boy to sexy ass man. Cuts makes the perfect sexy clothing for men that are not only comfortable but stylish. My Cuts three-button Henley is the sexiest shirt I own. The fit is always flawless. I’ve been promoting them for 5 years, and they just hit their 6-year mark. Best deals on Cuts start today! It’s Cuts’ 6th Anniversary Sale, so make sure to take advantage of 25-50% off! Get a pair of the best tees, shirts, shorts, joggers, hoodies, sweatshirts, henleys, and more. Don’t wait as they sell quickly!
  • Upgrade your sunglasses – sunglasses can instantly take a cute dude and make him super, sexy attractive. Safe and basic sunglasses are dorky. Rock a pair that is edgier and a little dangerous.
  • Wear leather jackets – they make you feel and look sexier.
  • Accessorize – accessories can take an average outfit to the next level. Rings, watches, and belts can accentuate how sexy you are.
  • Wear boots – boots automatically make a dude more rugged, manly, and masculine.
  • Get a fresh cut – a haircut will make you feel better, look better, and help slim your face. Bushy hair will make your face look rounder and cuter.
  • Upgrade your fragrance game – don’t smell boring and basic like her ex-boyfriend. If you smell sexy, you will be perceived as more attractive.

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