12 Daily Habits That Will Make You LOOK and FEEL Better!

November 12, 2021
When it comes to helping you look and feel your best, there are tons of tips — and most are bullsh!t! There’s no so much noise and non-sense that it’s overwhelming. To help weed through the commotion, here’s a list of habits that have helped me personally. Even if you implement one of them, you will look and feel better.

Daily habits that have boosted my appearance &  spirit

  1. Stop excess alcohol consumption — every aspect of my life got better when I stopped consuming alcohol in excess.
  2. Take a toxic person time-out — we all have toxic people in our lives, and they are bad for you. When you omit these people, you will feel better about yourself.
  3. Work out — I started at 12 years old, and it’s the single best decision that I made in my life. My confidence, self-esteem, mental toughness, and resilience were all positively affected.
  4. Eat less crap — focus on the quality of food you put into your body, and your skin & body will look better.
  5. Take care of your face — if you want to look better, simply use the essentials that include a quality face wash, exfoliating scrub, and two types of moisturizers. Tiege Hanley has them all in their Level 1 kit. Kick it up a level and add eye cream and/or anti-aging super serum.
  6. Take cold showers — my 1st shower of the day is a cold one. It gives me motivation and energy.
  7. Make sleep a priority — I am now obsessive about sleep. I sleep at 65 degrees, naked, and in a dark room without my phone and noise. Solid sleep is incredible for your mind and body.
  8. Eliminate porn — instead focus on your relationship.
  9. Help other people –it’s the quickest and easiest thing you can do to feel great about yourself. Even little stuff like opening the door for someone is intoxicating.
  10. Make happiness a priority — focus on making sure that your actions are aligned with you being happy.
  11. Take pride in what you’re wearing — dress with purpose and intention. Everyone will respect you more, but you will respect yourself the most.

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