7 Signs Your Hair Is NOT Healthy… Even If It Looks Good!

December 20, 2023
A few years ago, I noticed that I was starting to thin. My widow’s peak changed, and I saw more of my scalp in pictures and videos. I noticed more hair on my pillowcase and in the drain. At that point, I freaked out. My first step was to purchase Finasteride to stop it, but I never took it because I was worried about taking the drug route.

I wanted to know if I modify behaviors to stop, fix, and reverse the thinning. I’m pleased to announce my hair is now as thick and amazing as always. That being said, I want to review a few warning signs that your hair is unhealthy even though it looks good. I also want to cover things you do daily that are damaging your luscious locks.

Listen to these warning signs if you want to keep your hair.

  1. Dandruff. Dandruff is not only embarrassing, but it’s potentially damaging your hair. Dandruff could be caused by a dry scalp or seborrheic dermatitis, a yeast-like fungus that feeds on oil. I have dandruff and have tried all standard shampoos, but nothing cured it. That is until I found the active ingredient Coal Tar in Neutrogena T-Gel. I ultimately manufactured a better version, Pete & Pedro Control, with ingredients I thought needed to be included. I doubled the Coal Tar and added other active ingredients such as tea tree oil and glycerin.
  2. Dry, brittle, frizzy hair. Your hair strand is made of two parts: the cortex and the cuticle. The cuticle can get cracked and damaged (not appearing smooth or uniform along the strand) from not being conditioned or protected. You can damage it through hot showers, not applying conditioners, using cheap products, and utilizing high heat. Applying conditioner helps to replace hydration lost through shampooing. Cheap products contain much-drying alcohol, and utilizing heat is also drying. If you’re using heat, upgrade your hair dryer to the ionic Laifen Swift. Make sure you pat your hair dry to reduce breakage rather than drying it with a towel.
  3. Hair loss. Most men will experience hair loss or thinning throughout their life. The truth is that it’s less common than you think. If your hair starts to fall out, you should check your testosterone levels, which can be affected by EDCs in your products.
  4. Thick roots, thin ends. This is a sign that your hair follicle is changing, as your hair starts to get thinner and finer before you start losing your hair.
  5. Poor hair nutrition. Make sure to increase your nutrition to have as healthy hair as possible. I started using a natural product called Nutrafol for Men to give my hair and scalp all the natural vitamins they need. Also, taking a biotin supplement is unbelievably beneficial for your skin, nails, and hair. It will help grow hair thicker, faster, and to the next level.
  6. Dirty scalp. If you don’t shampoo properly, your scalp can get neglected. Scrub your scalp to remove buildup and ensure it is stimulated. You can use a shampoo brush to cleanse your scalp deep and stimulate blood to the surface.
  7. Unconditioned. Use conditioner on your hair by applying it and then chilling it out for about 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing. This process will allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair strand to make it healthier, smoother, and stronger.

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