7 Hacks to ALWAYS Have a GREAT Body… and NEVER Get Fat

July 10, 2023
Consider this video the death punch to the dad bod because if you implement the steps I will share with you, which I have followed over the years, you will be amazed at your incredible body regardless of age. I don’t think getting man boobs is inevitable. You don’t want to be soft and doughy in the midsection and always want to feel confident when you rip your shirt off.

I work out with weights four days a week, do cardio daily, and pay attention to my diet. Twice a week, I’ll treat myself to a nice meal. I drink alcohol about twice a week, which is a few glasses of wine. There’s no magic formula, no magic workout, no magic diet. It’s about consistently doing what you need to do always to look sexy when you’re naked, no matter your age.

Consistently do these every day

  1. Follow a morning routine. (a) Weigh yourself every morning. After going to the bathroom, hop on the scale. This will keep you accountable. (b) Do fasted cardio. I do this every morning. When your body is empty, do some cardio. All night your body fasted. So, if you exercise in the morning in your target zone, you will utilize fatty acids as an energy source. You’re dipping into the fat stores instead of using recently consumed calories.
  2. Strategically drink. (a) Refrain from alcohol. If you’re consistently drinking, this will destroy your body and willpower. You typically will eat empty calories too. (b) Drink lemon water. Drinking this daily will help you stay hydrated, feel better, and not retain as much subcutaneous water, so your abs will look sharper. It will also flush your system so you won’t retain toxins. (c) Eliminate sugary drinks and energy drinks. These are empty calories and nothing but sugar. They will cause insulin level spikes.
  3. Watch your diet. (a) It doesn’t matter what you do in the gym if you have a shitty diet. Eating is one of the things that will destroy your body and make you fat. (b) Don’t go shopping hungry. Don’t buy things you shouldn’t eat because you won’t eat them if it’s not in your house. (c) Meal prep because prior planning will prevent poor diet performance. If you want to avoid meal prep, try Factor. Use code ALPHAM40 to get 40% off your first Factor box.
  4. Make sleep a priority. Your body mass index (BMI) will increase if you don’t get enough sleep.
  5. Increase your BMR. When sleeping, increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) by lifting weights and eating foods that burn more calories. Consume protein at every meal, which I eat one gram of protein per lean pound of body mass. Protein will also keep you from smacking as much as at night.
  6. Consume low-calorie. Find an eating program that works for you. But don’t follow anything extreme because it’s not a lifestyle. You need to eat in a way that you can continue long-term to keep your fat low and muscle mass sexy. Your body needs carbohydrates, fat, and protein, so don’t deprive it of any of them, such as a low-carb diet. Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet
  7. Lift weights. You need to use your body and work your muscles. Find a program that works for your lifestyle and happiness. You could try CrossFit, HIIT training, or whatever you enjoy. There’s no right or wrong because it’s your journey. You need to take care of your body forever and not get fat.

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