7 Reasons People {Secretly} Think You Are WEIRD!

March 10, 2022
Do you know someone that is kind of weird? I am not referring to ‘quirky cool’ –I am talking about the weird who won’t get the same opportunities for a career and spicy senorita weird.

A man with these characteristics is viewed as peculiar and strange

  1. Dark sense of humor — he finds humor in taboo subjects and things that people don’t like to talk about. He, instead, needs to be able to read people and know what’s socially acceptable.
  2. Lack of emotional intelligence — he needs to be able to read someone’s feelings and empathize/connect.
  3. Weak or submissive body language — he has a floppy handshake, does not look people in the eye, hides his hands, and crosses his arms.
  4. Funky scent — he has foul breath, body odor, and wears overpowering fragrances.  Smell good with Pete & Pedro colognes, powders, and more.
  5. Close talker — don’t invade people’s personal space bubbles (basically an arm’s length).
  6. Style and grooming sucks — sloppy and quirky styles are not good. Dress with purpose, not with wrinkled or baggy clothing. Also, don’t have a whacked grooming game (teeth, nostrils, nails, lips). Keep your grooming game in check with Pete & Pedro grooming tools.
  7. Introverted — being shy in today’s social media world of posting every fart may be viewed as odd. Get out of introversion by taking strides to connect with people.
  8. Not a sheep — he doesn’t believe what everybody else believes. I say, believe what you want after doing your own research.

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