7 Shirts Men Wear That Women HATE!

March 14, 2022
I’m back with those super sassy hair-styling sirens of Salon Posta with today’s question: what is a shirt that men wear that women hate.
  1. Deep v-neck — I show what the appropriate depth is for a v-neck, which I love mine from Cuts.
  2. Wife beaters or tank tops — it doesn’t matter how sexy you look in them, they look tacky. The worst offender is a homemade tank for many reasons (shoulders look narrow, exposes titty fat).
  3. Tacky, out-of-date shirts (aka Affliction & Ed Hardy) — clean, plain, simple white tee shirts are what you should choose instead. Make sure the fit is right in the length, sleeve length, and neck.  The pima cotton Cuts tees are my favorite. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t tuck in tee shirts. You can do a partial tuck, however. Check out my demonstration.
  4. Pocket tee shirts — a simple tee is more versatile and less youthful.
  5. Shiny shirts — these were the ‘going out’ shirts with sheen. Now, these shirts say you’re a douchebag.
  6. Under Armour — practically everyone doesn’t look good in these shirts (think: skinny fat). The body of a shirt shouldn’t hug your mid-section.
  7. Beat up shirts — you can do better. Try Goodwill for amazing affordable options.

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