11 Signs You Can Get ANY Girl You Want (Even If Your NOT Attractive)

June 5, 2024
Inspiration for this video is a girl and a guy at the gym that I saw a few weeks ago. The girl was super-sassy and exuded all sorts of sexiness. This dude walks in, who I thought would have zero chance, and goes up to her. Ultimately, days later, I see them working out together. My mind exploded.

Certain men can literally get any girl they want, and these dudes generally fly underneath the radar. They’re not what we would expect. They are not 6 ft 2, jacked with abs of steel and glutes, and with tons of money dripping from them. They’re not driving a Lambo, either. The reality is very different, so I’m going to go over a few signs that you could literally get any girl that you want.

What you need to get any girl

  1. Confidence. You have to have the balls to go up and ask.
  2. Physically fit. You look physically fit and not super jacked and swole. Women like a guy who takes care of himself but is not a big jacked super stud. She doesn’t want to be with a high-maintenance diva.
  3. Good style. You don’t need to be super trendy, but you should have a style for yourself. You should know how to dress with confidence and intention.
  4. Smell amazing. Wear a fragrance that gets you compliments.
  5. Well groomed. Nice skin is a bonus. If you have a beard, that’s extra bonus. And a good hairstyle is fire.
  6. Great personality. If you’re friendly and kind, engaging and funny, and have a good sense of humor, it’s game over. Making a woman laugh is essential.
  7. Good job. If you’re financially successful, this puts you above dudes who have chiseled abs and big wieners. She wants to be with somebody stable.
  8. Adventurous. If you like to travel or if you’re social, you are viewed as fun. If you’re surrounded by other people, she will think you are likable.
  9. Make others feel good. Giving compliments is a game changer. It makes them feel good about themselves and automatically makes you more attractive.
  10. Talented. Being an expert at something or better than others, whether it’s playing guitar, singing, chess, or otherwise, automatically makes you super sexy.
  11. Leader. If you are a leader in the world of sheep, you will look like a God among them. It’s okay to be a manly man, and it’s okay to be a girly man; just be a leader. Do not be a follower or a sheep.

Smell amazing and get the girl you want

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