SIMP vs. NICE GUY | Who Actually Finishes LAST?

June 15, 2022
My buddy, who is not super great with women, is the inspiration for this video. The other day we talked, and he told me about this girl and what he’s been doing. I told him he was being a simp, and he said he wasn’t. He said he’s a ‘nice guy.’ And I responded that his ‘nice guy’ behavior is classic simp behavior. This got me thinking.

Nice guys and simps are both equally pathetic but in different ways. Whether you’re a nice guy or a simp, you will lose with the spicy senoritas. So, I will break the comparison down to old-school alpha m style and talk about the differences between a nice guy and a simp. Which one is the worst?

Which is the worst?

  • Simps do everything for one specific spicy ass. Nice guys are notorious for being super nice and accommodating to anybody. They are people-pleasers. Both types of guys allow people to take advantage of them, but the nice guy does it next level.
  • The simp is a clinger who hangs on to his woman’s every word. He will try to monopolize her time and energy and often treats her person as personal property. The nice guy, on the other hand, is not a clinger. Still, people frequently don’t give him enough attention or time to execute the ‘cling.’
  • The simp does a lot of flirting financially and has no problem paying for his woman if he has the money. The nice guy will pay for you, girls, and anybody else. He doesn’t want to upset anyone and wants everyone to like him.
  • The nice guy is notoriously apologizing for things that aren’t his fault and wants everyone to get along. He also wants everyone to like him. The simp is not apologizing for anything.
  • Simps do things on the down-low. They don’t want everybody to know what they’re doing or how they’re behaving around their woman. Nice guys want everybody to know, and they’ll tell you what a nice guy they are. Simps are sneaky, but this doesn’t mean that nice guys aren’t super freaking shady, doing nice things to get something.
  • Nice guys are always available. Whatever you need, they’re right there for you. On the other hand, simps are only available for one person. They’re always trying to get freaky, frisky, and sassy, but since they have their own agenda, they are very self-centered and selfish. Nice guys will help anybody and are giving to a fault.
  • As far as similarities, both guys invest more into relationships than they get back. Both compromise their dignity and integrity to get something from somebody else. And both guys are not respected by other people. Bottom line, both guys will never genuinely have happy, incredible relationships until they get these issues under control and stop some of their toxic behavior.

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