10 Social Mistakes That Make You Look LOW STATUS

June 17, 2024
I will tell you the ugly truth about fatal social mistakes that men knowingly make. These mistakes lower a man’s status.

If you’ve ever felt overlooked, disrespected, or struggled to make a strong social first impression, this tutorial can help you boost your confidence. These game-changers will also help you get a job, live the life you truly deserve, or get the woman of your dreams.

  1. Tentative talking. When you communicate using filler words, you sound uncertain. Others will not view your opinion or what you relay as confident. Do a better job engaging people and making them think that you’re confident and eloquent. Think before you speak, pause if you’re not sure what to say, and take your time.
  2. Overly agreeable. If you’re always agreeing regardless of what the person is saying, this is a mistake. You need to have an opinion so that people do not think that they can walk all over you. You don’t want people to think you’re a pushover because people do not respect pushovers.
  3. Inappropriately bragging. If you talk about your achievements out of context or how much money you make, you will not be genuinely respected. You need to be subtle and humble. When you talk about what you’ve done or things you have out of context, people think you’re bragging.
  4. Lacking assertiveness. He needs to maintain respect and boundaries with people. You need to start practicing saying no and make sure other people respect your boundaries. Do not accept life’s sloppy seconds.
  5. Gossiping. Don’t trash-talk other people on social media. Don’t talk behind other people’s backs. Saying salacious and negative things about others will make you appear untrustworthy. If you’re talking about someone else’s personal life or trashing others, you’re showing a lack of respect and integrity. Do not ever gossip. If this comes up, change the subject of the conversation to something positive. Stop toxic negative talk.
  6. Neglectful hygiene. If you’re neglecting your grooming, you will not achieve what you could. You will not be hired, you are not dateable, and others will not want to be your friend. If you’re perceived as unkempt and gross, these are offensive. How you smell is included. Get The Alpha Body Kit, which includes a FRESH Body Bar + FRESH Ball Powder + FRESH Deodorant, for 30% off with code BODYKIT30.
  7. Wacky style. If you’re not wearing appropriate clothing, people will dismiss you. You do not need to wear super trendy clothing, but you need to have a style. Dress with purpose and intention. We’re closing that fits. You deserve to be respected, so dress in a manner that deserves respect. Is your grooming respectable? Is the way that you communicate respectable? Do you have respectable body language? Each is under your control.
  8. Lacking emotional control. Yelling, screaming, losing your temper, and crying will not gain you respect. You’ll be viewed as irrational and overly emotional. It is healthy to have emotions and to be viewed as vulnerable, but when you overreact, nobody respects you.
  9. Negative body language. Rolling your eyes, looking uninterested, sighing, crossing your arms, and not looking people in the eye indicate you are not interested, are annoyed, and have a negative disposition. High-status people display positive body language and actively listen.
  10. Chronically late. Nothing makes people more annoyed than having people show up late. It’s a lack of respect. Punctuality reflects reliability and respect. Make sure you use GPS prior to leaving for a location to check for traffic so you won’t be late. You can adjust your time accordingly.

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