Do THIS Before You {Hook Up} with a Girl!

October 22, 2021
So, you have a super hot date with a spicy senorita tonight. Well done! BUT before you have that date and do what you’re going to do, certain things have to be done before you hook-up.

Steps you HAVE to take BEFORE your super hot date

  • Shower — no one wants to smell stink ass! Wash your balls! Shave them too. Make sure you use a loofah or other scrubbing tool.
  • Deodorize — use deodorant AND powder your balls with a talc-free product.
  • Clean your place — make sure everything is clean, including your sheets. Make your bed and light a candle too!
  • Brush your teeth — no stinky dragon breath!
  • Check your face — groom your nose hair; no buggers in your nose.
  • Clean your toilet — make sure it’s sparkling clean; refill the toilet paper and have wet wipes available.
  • Eat healthfully and stay hydrated — you want to make sure Big Al’s contribution isn’t foul smelling or tasting.
  • Have protection — think through the protection process; wrap that rascal no matter what. Keep a few in your sock.

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