August 26, 2022
You have 3 seconds to make an incredible first impression. The truth is if you make a good impression, you’ll have more opportunities, including people who want to date you, hire you, hang out with you, and be friends with you. But on the flip side, if you make a bad first impression or make any of the mistakes I’m going over today, you’ll miss out on potentially amazing opportunities.

INSTANTLY ruin your first impression by…

  1. Not dressing with intention and purpose – if you’re not wearing clothing that represents the way you want to be received and come across, you must adhere to some essential tips:
    1. Your clothing needs to fit.
    2. Your shoes need to be clean.
    3. The situation and outfit need to match.
  2. Looking at the wrong things – a woman will instantly not like you if you’re looking at her boobs. It’s very easy to do and very uncomfortable for a woman. If you are being distracted, look above her eyes at her forehead so you’ll stay focused there instead of down below. A woman will also instantly dislike you if you casually glance over in the direction of some other spicy action and hold it for literally more than half a second. You’re dead meat.
  3. Having a poor handshake – if it’s too weak, you look submissive. If it’s too strong, you look aggressive. Handshakes are all about timing and applying the appropriate pressure. 1 … 2 … 3 … you’re out.
  4. Having a funky smell or face – whether it’s horrible breath, overpowering fragrance, or underarm odor, it can be a deal breaker. You need to use a high-quality deodorant and body & ball powder.  Also, is your face greasy, oily, broken out, or nasty? Do you have a bunch of blemishes? Tiege Hanley has all the essentials to ensure your face is incredibly handsome and one that people want to engage with.
  5. Having your phone out – when meeting people, put your phone away!
  6. Saying something tasteless – whether it’s a political joke, something mean, something rude, or something sexual, any of these can be really off-putting and make people automatically not like you.
  7. Getting into someone’s personal space – some people don’t have a concept of personal space, which can make people feel weird and uncomfortable.
  8. Being too serious – loosen up and get people to smile. You can poke fun at yourself but not in a derogatory, low self-esteem way. Just let people know that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Show that you’re fun and outgoing.
  9. Parking in a handicap spot – if you’re not handicapped and you park in a handicap spot, you are a horrible human being. It’s one of my pet peeves, along with littering.
  10. Being late – being late tells people that you don’t respect their time or appreciate them.

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