The BRUTALLY HONEST Reason Men Have Become WEAK!

December 16, 2021
Being a feminine man doesn’t make you weak. Being gay doesn’t make you weak. And, on the flip side, having a big beard, having a deep voice, or being super manly doesn’t make you strong. I have been thinking a lot lately about this whole idea that men have become soft and weak. I do believe they have. I feel like men have lost their edge, and I feel like society has affected how men feel about themselves. Although we can’t change society, we can change ourselves, our confidence, and our self-esteem. So, I am going to go over some of the reasons I feel that men have become weak and how it can be changed.

All of this is so sad because I am worried about the young men who aren’t sure who or what to be. They’re worried about doing or saying something wrong because they don’t want to get ‘canceled.’ And some of these young men don’t have a positive male role model. Do not allow society to decide where you are going in life and who you are going to become. It’s your job and responsibility if you want to be successful, tough, and accomplished. Be mentally strong.

How men have become SOFT

  • Having a victim mindset — this victim mindset is poisonous and toxic, and people are encouraging it. Victims are powerless, and the victim needs to take ownership to change the situation.
  • Losing the ability to hear the truth — being worried about hurting others feelings and offending others is so prevalent today. We need to be willing to hear the cold hard truth.
  • Being scared to fail — to become strong and successful, men have to take chances and risks. Stop talking about it. Take action. Gary John Bishop says in his book Unf*ck Yourself, “I am not my thoughts. I am my actions.” This book will change your life.
  • Lacking discipline — stop giving into impulses and urges. Have a routine and develop discipline by being consistent, which includes working out and diet.
  • Eating like sh!t — a crappy diet or eating too much will not allow you to be as strong as you possibly could. What and how you eat has a direct impact on your body AND brain.
  • Feeding our brains with trash — social media and pornography are parts of that garbage.

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