3 Toxic Masculine Traits Women {Secretly} CRAVE!

October 20, 2022
I have been contemplating the concept of toxic masculinity because modern men have a challenge with society and the media defining certain behaviors as ‘bad.’ The truth is that if you don’t possess some of these toxic traits, you’re not much of a man! You’re weak and a pathetic excuse for a dude. I decided to test my theory at Salon Posta.

Courtney sums it up that toxic masculinity is not a thing because a man can be masculine, independent, and strong without being toxic. A man can be strong and confident while taking care of himself, his career, and his woman. That’s healthy living. The bottom line is: don’t be a wuss.

Do you want a partner that is …

  1. Aggressive or submissive? Women crave a man that is aggressive, who protects her. He’s aggressive with his career, family, & happiness and in the bedroom. Women do not want to be with a passive puss, and a man who is passive is not sexually attractive. Women want a dude to rip their clothes off, and boom (but not too quickly)!  Slow your roll with Roman Swipes. Get Roman Swipes for $10 off + free 2-day shipping. Roman also has you covered in terms of ED and PE.
  2. Independent or needy? One of the least attractive traits a man can possess is being needy and clingy, always wondering where his girlfriend is. Women don’t want men to NEED them; they want men to WANT them. Men should possess their own independence and have their own life, friends, hobbies, and interests.
  3. Strong or weak? Strength is one of the most amazing traits a man can possess. Being strong is not just a physical trait but also a mental trait. Strong-minded men are a dying breed as our world is becoming filled with weak men who can’t handle their sh!t. Women want men to be strong no matter what society and the media say. Don’t believe the hype — men should be men! There are no reasons for you to apologize for being a man. Women WANT men, not boys or weak pusses.

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