13 Types of {Modern} Women NOT Worth Your Time!

October 27, 2022
In the days before the internet, determining what types of women not to date was easy. Don’t date a gold digger, princess, or a big slut. But in today’s world with modern women and technology, the game has changed. To help you not waste any time on women not worth it, I am going over a few spicy senoritas that you want to avoid at all costs.

Avoid these scandalous spicy senoritas at all costs

  1. Paid for being hot — you don’t want to date anyone whose body is out there for everyone to see, including OnlyFans, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. At first, dating one of these girls may be an ego boost, but it’s going to get old really quickly with her constantly seeking approval. Eventually, you won’t be good enough.
  2. Influencers — the constant seeking of approval and likes or wanting to be successful on a social media platform is a recipe for emotional disaster and can do a number on her psyche.
  3. Feminazis — there’s nothing wrong with equal rights and respect, but I don’t want to always have to explain myself or watch everything I say. I don’t want my words twisted or taken out of context either. There’s nothing worse than being with someone who’s always outraged.
  4. Bi-curious — if a girl is curious about being with another woman, she should go for it but not be with you too. Some dudes may think the curiosity is hot, but don’t believe the hype. Promiscuity is a slippery slope, and plus, you may never trust her again.
  5. Sluts — I am not shaming anyone, so if someone wants to sleep with 1,275 dudes, I don’t care. Do your thing. But, I don’t want dudes having anything to do with the slut due to (a) no trust and (b) STDs as one million new transmissions happen daily. Sure you can abstain or use condoms, but condoms aren’t 100%. Also, STDs can lay dormant in the body for a long time, and untreated STDs can permanently damage Big Al & the Boys. Use Let’s Get Checked for a discreet and easy way to get tested from home. Use code Alpha25 at checkout for 25% off your order.
  6. Phone fanatics — if she’s always on her phone rather than being present with you, it’s annoying, will get old quickly, and is infuriating when trying to have a conversation with her.
  7. Fakes — the women who have hair extensions, false eyelashes, lip injections,  and plump everything up are super obsessed with this fakeness short-term and won’t look good long-term.
  8. Hyper-critical — these women are always picking everyone apart, including her own friends, her own family, and even your friends. But, they never point the finger at themselves.
  9. Cheaters — if you find out she’s been a cheater, get away. If you don’t, you’re an idiot. Kick her ass to the curb!
  10. Energy vampires — they suck the life out of everything, are clingy and suffocating, and don’t want you to do anything. They are always up your ass, trying to control you.
  11. Party girls — she’s the life of the party and always posting pictures of her and her super hot friends. Going out partying will not end, and she’s not worth your time.
  12. Narcissists — run from her if she’s super into herself! She is not going to change.
  13. Snoopers — if she ever snoops through your phone and you didn’t give a reason (like doing something shady), get away from her. But if her female intuition was right, don’t be a scumbag!

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