June 20, 2022
So, have men become weaker as a whole? The answer is yes. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Our diet has caused us to be weak physically, and we don’t exercise enough because of technology. We also consume too much pornography, drink & smoke too much, and mess around with dirty, spicy senoritas way too much. And we never ever want to offend anybody because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. 

Mental toughness is like a freaking superpower in today’s world of weak-minded men. If you have it, you will have an advantage over 99.7% of other people. The good news is that I will prove that you are mentally stronger than you realize.

You ARE mentally tough! Here’s why…

  1. You don’t whine and complain when things don’t go your way – You also don’t get super pissed off at people and try to cancel them when they say something that you don’t like. You understand that life is about choices, and you know that if you want something, you can go do it. But, you know you’re going to have to work for it! Life is not fair, and strong-minded men understand that. Fairness is a fallacy. You have to make and create your own destiny.
  2. You don’t overdo partying, drugs, drinking, and women – As a strong-minded man, you understand that moderation and balance are key. You don’t do anything stupid, and you don’t give in to your impulses. You don’t go out partying to the point of blackout drunk or waking up to people that you shouldn’t be waking up next to. Strong-minded men also may practice NoFap. Think about it — it takes willpower! 
  3. You have control over your emotions – You don’t freak out or get super pissed off. You think logically and rationally.
  4. You don’t let your past define you or dictate your future – When something bad happens, you deal with it and get over it. You don’t allow situations or bad things to control your happiness or life. Strong men continue to be happy, confident, and move forward despite adverse conditions.
  5. You deal with your issues – You go to therapy to deal with your problems so you can be truly happy. Better Help is a service that I’ve used, where professional therapy takes place securely online. Complete the survey, assess your needs, and get matched with a therapist within 48-hours. It’s completely confidential and unbiased! Click and get 10% off your 1st month
  6. You work out and eat healthy without telling everyone – I’ve been working out for 34 years, and I don’t tell everybody or try to make them feel bad when they’re not.
  7. You are willing to take risks and chances, not knowing the outcome – You can push down fear and uncertainty. You’re eager to step outside your box because not trying and living with regret is worse than the potential of failure. If you fail, strong-minded men get up and move forward.
  8. You are comfortable being by yourself – You are comfortable going out to eat, going to a movie, and doing things solo. You don’t need to be surrounded by your posse or have groups of people to entertain. 
  9. You are empathetic – You can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling in certain situations. This means that you are compassionate and have high emotional intelligence.
  10. You protect your happiness – Happiness is not easy to come by, and many people are struggling. I believe this is why society has become very weak. Society seeks it from outside sources that will not produce the desired results. Happiness is internal and derived from doing what you love, which makes you feel good about yourself. Strong-minded people get rid of toxic people in their lives and are not people-pleasers.

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