Science PROVES That “Short” Men Are MORE Attractive Than “Tall” Men!

May 4, 2022
This video goes out to all of my fellow short kings in the alpha m house. I am 5 ft 6 in, and I’ve never suffered with insecurity regarding my height because it’s always been something that I’ve dealt with. It is also not something that I’ve ever been ‘weird’ about. But, so many men are very insecure about their height and being short.

I’m going over a few surprising reasons why being short is better than being tall. I also have bonus style tricks at the end of the video. Do not allow your height to dictate your future or how you feel about yourself. Embrace it and love it. Height doesn’t matter. What does is character, integrity, and confidence.

Advantages of being shorter

  • Easier time packing on muscle
  • Looking younger longer
  • Living longer
  • Getting more action
  • Lower rate of divorce
  • ‘Bigger’ Big Al
  • Viewed as more approachable, likeable, friendly

Visually have the aesthetic of a taller man

  • Hairstyle that is bigger on top and tighter on the sides.
  • Wear monochromatic dark colors.
  • Always opt for slim fit whether shirts or pants.
  • Get your pants tailored.
  • Opt for boots.
  • Opt for boots or shoes that have an elongated toe box.

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